Workspace Protection & Focus

Workspace Protection & Focus

Sitting At Your Workbench

Workspace Protection & Focus

A silver/goldsmith will spend most of their workdays sitting at the workbench, therefore it is extremely important that they have the correct posture & positioning in order to maintain focus. The Jewellers Workbench has a cut-out in the middle, with a Bench Pin sticking out, attached to the middle of the workbench cut out. This is so that the jeweller has access to the object he is working on, while being able to use any tool or space around him.

Sitting At Your Workbench

Being uncomfortable while working for hours at the same workbench could cause physical problems, if not addressed immediately. The height or level of the bench peg is very important to keep an upright posture. So it is usually between chest height and your chin. A jewellers bench is higher than a normal table :  roughly 90-100cm high.


Correct posture at your workbench

As a jeweller, your posture should be upright, yet relaxed. Your spine almost vertically upright, while your legs & hips are 90 degrees to one another. Feet must be flat on the floor with thighs parallel to the floor. Have and adjustable seat that has NO WHEELS. Wheels will cause you to constantly use energy just to stay still & will not allow you to properly brace your body for stone-setting, machine vibrations & more jobs.



Its is also a great idea to use good lighting to, not only work on your jewellery but to locate your tools as well. Use two lamps on either side of the workbench to eliminate shadows, making it easier to find the tool you need.

Bench Protection

Bench Protection

Leather Apron:

Operating with dangerous machinery & chemicals makes safety for bench jewellers their first priority. Protect your clothing against the radiant heat, welding splatter & general body protection. The Leather Apron comes with adjustable straps, making it both safe & comfortable while you are working.


Breathing Mask

Breathing Mask:

Make use of a breathing mask to prevent dust, asbestos & silica from being inhaled through your nose or mouth & ending up in your lungs. There is also the risk of inhaling fumes from chemicals & small pieces of molten metal.




To prevent your eyes from getting severely damaged by infrared & ultraviolet radiation, dust particles, chemicals & sharp metal particles, it is important to wear protective gear covering your eyes.




Combining proper ventilation and extraction with wearing a breathing mask & eye-goggles, this makes for an ideally safe & hazard-free workspace. Ventilation is essential for getting rid of harmful fumes and residue. Make use of good silent extraction device that is powerful enough to draw out all dust and fumes, and then keep your filter bag for refining.