Watch Batteries Are Not One-Size-Fits-All!


What Battery Should You Be Using

Wrist watches are commonly powered using one or rarely two button/coin cell batteries, and these batteries have a limited operating lifetime. When replacing an old battery with the new one, the best practice is to use batteries recommended by the watch manufacturers.


Battery chart

Renata Watch Batteries

Renata’s comprehensive assortment of over 40 different watch battery types, mostly of the silver oxide 1.55 V system, offers a suitable power source for any electronic device requiring an ultra-compact, long lasting, low voltage power source.

Renata battery

SEIKO Silver Oxide Watch Batteries

Silver-oxide button/coin cell batteries are the most popular type of wrist watch batteries – they are not expensive, often have a shelf life of 10 or more years, they have very constant voltage during operation, which is very similar to the nominal voltage of alkaline batteries (1.55 V vs 1.50 V).


Lithium Watch Batteries

Lithium button/coin cells are mostly primary (non-rechargeable) 3V batteries. Their negative electrode is lithium, while the positive electrode is either manganese-dioxide or carbon-monofluoride.

Lithium cell battery