Use Headpins to make Earrings


4 Headpins

8 Small Beads 


Chain Nose Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Side Cutters

Step 1: String Beads onto the Headpin , begin by stringing the desired pattern of beads onto the pin. Make sure the hole of the bead is large enough to slide onto the headpin but not too large that the bead will slide completely head of the pin.

Step 2: Create a right angle once you are satisfied with your beaded pattern, with your chain nose pliers, bend and press firmly on the head pin just above the top bead.

Step 3: Trim Wire to 10mm using the side cutters, trim wire down.

Step 4: Create the Loop using the round nose pliers grip the wire between the jaws. Rotate the wire back in the opposite direction, then tightly create a loop. Then hang onto an accessory such as a chain or Shepard hook for extra detail.