Laser Cutting & Engraving:

Q: How thick can the laser cut?

A: 1.2mm thickest

Q: Which format do we supply the image for engraving in?

A: For best detail and quality engraving an editable vector file must be supplied ( EPS, AI, SVG)

Q: How long does the job take to be completed?

A: 24 – 48 hours

Q: What metals can the laser engrave on?

A: Silver, Gold, Brass, Copper, Steel, Titanium, Platinum

Q: How small can you engrave on the inside/outside ring

A: Not smaller than 2mm (high) on a band that has 3mm wide shank

Q: Finger print engraving and what we need?

A: 1200dpi scan of a clear finger print to be provided. (the back of a license disc is a good example of what the finger print should look like) or a vector file .SVG or .AI

Q: Can we do Photo engraving?

A: High resolution image with as little white in the picture as possible- the more white there is the lighter the engraving, simple background & detail.

Q: Can we engrave close to stone settings?

A: Yes the laser is very precise

Q: How do we get the black out of engraving?

A: Ultra sonic for about 45mins, steel brush or steam cleaner

Q: What is the difference between the Magic CNC engraver and the laser engraver?

A: The CNC engraves with a diamond tip, giving a shiny classic finished look, the width of the stroke is constant and does not vary in depth. The laser heats the surface of the metal so it changes colour and results in more precise detail.

Q: Will laser cutting or engraving damage my piece?

A: No, as it is a non-contact process and uses a beam that is highly precise on the area it is being focused upon. Heat damage is minimal to the surrounding area of the material, your item will not dent and only needs a light polish afterwards. No sanding necessary.

Q: How we would like the items to be finished:

A: The item should be cleaned, polished and almost 100% complete, The less sanding, filing, polishing needed afterwards the better.

Q: Can we do the design and draw up the artwork for you?

A: yes sure, we have qualified designers that can assist with your design needs. Charges will apply and these are billed per hour.

Q: Can we do a variety of fonts?

A: Yes! We have many fonts to choose from and can also download any necessary fonts. Keep in mind simple engraves better!