It’s “Time” to Make Watch Wrap Bracelets!

Watch braceletThis DIY project is a great way to update old watches in a way that perfectly combines fashion and function. Whether you’re into the modern leather trim look, love the beaded necklace style, or are looking for any excuse to wear a friendship bracelet, we’ve got a watch wrap bracelet for you.


 – watches

cord ends

jump rings


– old beaded necklace

– embroidery or silk cord

– ribbon

leather cord

 chain nose pliers

– sewing machine (for the ribbon one)


For materials, we used three watches, a beaded necklace, embroidery floss, and trim.

1. Braided Watch

Create six braids with embroidery or silk cord at about 45 cm each. It’s best to measure around your wrist before getting started.

Braided Watch

Tie three braids to the bottom of your watch and three to the top. Use cord ends to clasp them together on each end, add a clasp, and you’ve got a braided watch!

Beaded strap

2. Beaded strap watch

We used an existing necklace for this one.

First, cut your necklace right in the middle. Then cut off 2 pieces of your necklace that are 4-5 cm. Attach one piece to the bottom of your watch and one to the top. Then attach 2 long lengths of your necklace to the bottom and top of your watch. Attach the short pieces to the long ones, and wrap!

Beaded watch strap

3. Ribbon Wrap Watch

The combination of ribbon and leather cord.

Ribbon Wrap Watch

Cut your ribbon and leather so you have three 60 cm pieces of material.

Ribbon material

Pull one end through the bottom of the watch and sew. Repeat with the top of the watch.

Sew ribbon strap

Use cord ends to clasp everything together, add a jump ring, and clasp. And you know what that is?



Now you’ll never be late!