The Differences & Sizes Of Saw Blades

Saw Blades



A jewellers saw frame and blades are essential for cutting shapes out of metal. The saw blade is placed in the flat plate grips above the wooden handle and tightened into place with the wing nuts.

The teeth of the saw blade need to be pointing down to the handle as cutting is done with a downward stroke.


Saw Blade Functions & Sizes

Saw Blade:

A jeweller’s saw is an indispensable jewelry-making tool for cutting and piercing metal, cutting through spirals to make jump rings and bead/pearl reaming.

Jeweller’s saws allow for straight cuts, pierced cuts and tube cutting too.

Anchor Saw Blades:

Economy Saw Blades are often useful for beginning early stages of jewellery courses, ideal for cheaper metals like brass and copper too.



Pike Swiss Quality Saw Blades: CUT 0 – 8/0



Super Pike jewellers saw blades are the latest saw blades from Swiss Miniatures in Vallorbe, Switzerland. These Swiss blades are the finest quality and stay sharper far longer (with sharper teeth) than competitive saw blades. Manufactured slightly differently with an added heat treatment process which makes these blades harder, but not more fragile, thus allowing you to saw harder materials. These blades are also given a thin coating that acts like a cutting lubricant making them cut with less resistance. Blades are available in gross quantities, see related products.



Spiral Saw Blades



Saw Blades Spiral, ideal for cutting wax ,rubber ,plastics, wood and plaster. Using a spiral blade in your saw frame allows you to push and pull your material in any direction to cut without having to turn or spin your work on the saw table to find the cutting edge. It sounds like a great idea! Not so much in reality. Spiral blades will cut in any direction you feed material against them.

Dremel Saw Blades


Dremel Saw Blades - MS51 MS52 & MS53


Ideal for making straight and curved cuts with a fine and precise finish. For use on wood, plastic, foam and other soft materials.

Unique pin-end blade design allows quick, tool-free blade changes. Cuts Plastic, Wood & Metal

Bur Life and Saw Blade Lubricant



Extends life of burs and aids saw blades when cutting. Smooth cutting depends on an effective lubricant. Often imitated, never equaled Bur Saver stays in position and is drawn into the area of contact between the tool and workpiece like a coating of microscopic ball bearings on the surface. Keeps cutting tools such as saw blades, files, burs sharp for smoother cuts and less friction–not to mention, working longer!

Keep Bur Saver handy at the bench or on the road in this stick form.