The best Tweezers for the job


Tweezers are an essential piece of kit in any jewellers toolbox.

Pointed tweezers are indispensable for picking up tiny pieces of solder or screws from your work bench. Placing the solder on the jewellery is much easier too with these tools. Be careful with the tip. It is very sharp and fine and can be bent easily.



Soldering Tweezers

The cross-lock mechanism of soldering tweezers opens when pressed and closes when released to grip objects securely and reduce hand fatigue. Heat-resistant fibre grips help protect fingers during heat-related applications such as soldering or wax-working.



Copper tweezers are a better option to plastic tweezers, as these are safe to use for inserting your pieces into pickle and cleaning solutions.






Watchmaking Tweezers

Watchmakers use a variety of styles of tweezers for different applications. Watchmaker’s tweezers are usually very small and have a extremely sharp points for picking up watch components and moving watch parts around – the smallest pointed tweezers are designed to position watch parts, not bend and shape them. They also come in magnetic and non magnetic for various applications.


Gem Grip Tweezers

A very handy tweezer that provides the perfect view of your stone from all angles and it is spring loaded so easier to handle comparing to using a tweezer and the possibility of your stone slipping out.

Great for picking up and placing small stones or beads easily, even useful for computer boards & electronics.