Steampunk Christmas Ornaments


Why not try and create a different Christmas theme this year, by creating beautiful steampunk inspired Christmas ornaments. Below are 4 creative ideas you can make at home, using simple supplies such as watch parts, gears, glue and wire.

  • Simply use gears and wire and create a steampunk look that is creative and beautiful.
  • With gears, glitter, wire and an array of different watch parts you can create Christmas ornaments that will stand out from the ordinary festival season deore.
  • Spice up existing Ornaments with a fun steampunk twist using netting, ribbon and gears.
  • Clock spares such as hands can be used to create beautiful ornaments that will make your tree sparkle.

If you are looking for watch parts to start your steampunk DIY project, contact us today.


Steampunk Christmas Ornaments