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Container caddy

Learn To Work With The Space You Have


In the jewellery trade, your tools are as important as your own hands. You are constantly washing and sanitizing your hands and stations. You must apply the same care and devotion to maintaining your tools too! It is imperative that you are able to focus and be precise, as the slightest distraction could and will lead to an entire job being ruined, jewellery and tools getting lost, and even major injuries. Get organised and here is how.

Container Caddy

Using a container to organise and store your tools, helps being productive Container Caddy

By making use of a container caddy, you are creating a workspace that allows for more focus on the jobs being done, instead of distractions such as tools going missing, stones getting lost in a mess because you are constantly moving things around to find a space to work.

This DIY Container Caddy can be made using spare wood, nails, glass jars and tin cans. It organises chisels, punches, stamps, mini mandrels and dapping tools. The Caddy can be made using basic materials in your home:


Spare Woodtins





Rubber Bands









  • Spare wood or planks
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Glass Jars / Tin Cans
  • Elastic Bands, sticky tape or wire (anything that can be used to hold 3 jars/cans together)

Short and wide jars/cans are useful for short to medium length tools and accessories. Make use of tall jars/cans for long tools, use 3 cans that are joined together with an elastic band, to maintain balance and prevent the container from falling over. 

Get The most Out Of The Space You Have

Group, organise and store your tools to help save money and time. Instead of having to buy tools and accessories that have been misplaced, you are able to easily locate them. However this only works when making use of the caddy, as it will only benefit you as long as you make use of it.

Workspace Man


Having an organised workspace means increasing the control you have over your work will increase your productivity and quality!