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At Cape Tools we stock an extensive inventory of top quality jewellery tools used in the production and upkeep of jewellery and watches. Used to clean, grade, test, manufacture and repair jewellery, Our Catalogue is a must have for any professional or hobbiest, listing an array of equipment, machinery, tools, clock movements , lamps and accessories that include findings, cubic zirconia and sterling silver chains.

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With over 50 years of experience supplying only the best tools and supplies in South Africa, we are proudly committed to equipping jewellers, engineers, woodworkers, watchmakers, miniaturist & many more trades from a variety of disciplines with the tools they need to manufacture, test & grade high quality products.


We differentiate ourselves from other suppliers with not only our extensive knowledge of watch and jewellery production spanning back decades, but with our dedication to open, responsive customer service and educating the market, as well as our modest prices on top quality products, it creates further value to your purchases.


Since our first website launch in 1995, we’re proud to present our customers with our new, third generation website, built with ease of use and user experience in mind. To improve our services even further we merged Jewel Quip with Cape Watch in 2012, extending our catalogue of precision tools even further. All the while adding to our team of experts, combining, expanding our experience and knowledge to provide the best in customer service.


Featured Products


Diamond & Gem Testing

Diamond Counter

Out of stock

Diamond & Gem Testing

Aura Synthetic Diamond Scanner

Out of stock

Clock Modules and Weather Instruments

Smart Pro Screen I CVD Tester


Diamond & Gem Testing

Smart Pro Reader I


Diamond & Gem Testing

Mizar Diamond Moissanite Tester


Diamond & Gem Testing

Mizar Diamond Tester Prestige II


Diamond & Gem Testing

Model-MT2 Moissanite Tester


Jewellery Tools | Jewellery Supplies | Jewellery equipment Our range includes workshop essentials such as hammers and mallets, pliers and cutters, tools for every application including dapping & designing tools, setting tools, soldering tools, measuring equipment, Magnifying Glass & loupes and polishing tools including compounds.
Jewellery making tools, craft tools and equipment for jewellers and the jewellery trade. From soldering and polishing tools to cutting and metal forming tools. We also have a range of larger jeweller’s tools and workshop machinery everything from Dremel tools, diamond testers, rolling mills, ultrasonic cleaner, diamond tip engraving machines and even PUK04 Welding machines. Cape Watch supplies professional tools to make quality pieces of jewellery.


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