Respect your Tools: Maintaining your Saw Frame

saw frames and blades

Maintaining your Saw Frame 

Saw Frame


A jewellers saw frame and blades are essential for cutting shapes out of metal. The saw blade is placed in the flat plate grips  above the wooden handle and tightened into place with the wing nuts.


The teeth of the saw blade need to be pointing down to the handle as cutting is done with a downward stroke.


One is able to cut thicker metal and allow the designer to cut intricate shapes, smoother



curves, holes or other shapes in a piece of metal sheet.

Respect your Tools: Maintaining your Saw Frame

Use Beeswax as a lubricant to make sure your blades last well and don’t break, its helps for smoother more accurate sawing.


Changing your blade

The saw blade needs to be tensioned so it will PING when being plucked like a guitar string.

It is vital that you keep your saw taught and use beeswax often to lubricate the blade.