Respect your Tools: Force

Heavy Vice

Use the “right” amount of Force

Respect your Tools

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Always make sure you are using the correct tool for the job! Ask your self these questions :

  • What is smartest way to go about it with the tools you have available?
  • Have I done research on what the purpose is for this tool?  There is a wealth of information out there!
  • Do I have the right power for the electrical item?
  • Am I using the tool in the correct way and on the correct settings?
  • Does this tool have any consumables I need to keep on at hand to make sure I don’t run out?
  • Should I be using any force with the tool? If you apply too much force or the tool is too large or heavy it can permanently damage your tools or Jewellery.
  • Do I know what type of warranty the tool has? Be mindful that some warranties are voided if the tool is not used in the correct way.

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It is worthwhile getting the right quality tool, instead of damaging your existing tools to complete your task. In the long run this will save you time and money. It shouldn’t matter what the cost of your tools are if it means you get the job done accurately, swiftly and professionally,.


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