Purpose Of The Ultrasonic Frequency

Frequencies & Their Purpose:

Most users are unaware that Sonics come in various different sizes/volumes, Brands , Watts & Hertz. Their quality & performance are very dependant on these factors. You can never go wrong with the TOP quality German  Elma brand .

The 20 to 40Khz provides fast cleaning and best suited for heavy duty cleaning & large pieces – like Automotive parts having little to no intricate detail.

The 40Khz is best suited for pieces where there’s intricate detail, small openings, long tubes. With 40Khz, the cleaning process is slower but offers finer cleaning.

The 70 to 200Khz is best suited for speciality operations, such as fine, gentle cleaning of optics,Tattoo machinery, semi-conductors’ wafers & hard-disk-drive components.

The higher the frequency, the gentler the cleaning, where the lower frequencies are designed to scrub surfaces that’s heavily soiled.

Are you looking for a more specialized unit for your trade – email us to find out more info tkh@capewatch.co.za. We are stockists of the full Elma German Brand.


Elmasonic H30 cleaning tank