Protect Those Fingers

3M Finger Tape - P0136-L

Slipping up while you polish? Try the 3M finger tape! This reusable adhesive improves grip on smooth objects, as well as protecting your fingers while you polish.

3M Finger Tape:

The professionals choice.

A 3M product, this Vetrap tape which is self-adherent, flexible, porous, soft, and spongy.

Proven to be a strong fiber that provides support while being tacky.

Layers bond together to provide superior support keeping work objects at hand in place, allowing better fit and lower risk of slippage.

Still affords the opportunity for the skin to breathe through the material.

  • Safety protection from heat and other forces.
  • Positive grip when handling small items
  • Thin and Durable
  • Adheres to itself and is tacky
  • Use for many applications
  • Low Cost per application