WetorDry 3M Abrasive Cloths


Select 400 600 1200 4000 6000 or 8000 coarse to fine grit

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WetorDry 3M Abrasive Cloths:

WetorDry Polishing Cloth. Get around any contoured surface with these 216 x 279mm polishing cloths.

Precise micron grading provides the perfect technique and finish.

Micron guide

Green 30 Micron; Gray 15 Micron; Blue 9 Micron; Pink 3 Micron;  Aqua 2 Micron; Mint 1 Micron

We sell a variety of other useful ceramic abrasives from vallorbe that work in flexshaft handpieces or Holders, also 3M abrasivesMatador sandpapers & Japanese buff sticks.  TIP: Quality abrasives will always last longer. Using water on some paper will improve longevity too.

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