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W0071 Auto pressure injector

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This wax injector ranks as the easiest-to-use model, it requires no air compressor or hand pump. This highly efficient wax injector requires no air compressor or any hand pump. A simple push on the nozzle with the rubber mould gives immediate injection of the wax.

Temperature Range : Room temperature ~ 90℃
Overall dimension(approx.) : 195mm (Dia.) x 230mm (L)
Wax pot dimension(approx.) : 105mm (Dia.) x 110mm (D)
Wax pot capacity : 0.45kg(wax) ; 0.8L

This hand plunger system draws wax from the bottom up to the nozzle without compressed air. Just by aligning the nozzle with rubber mold hole and pressing the plunger down, injecting wax will be drawn to fill the mold easily. It is compact and suitable for small workshops and classrooms use.

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