Vernier Gauge Stainless 150mm x 0.02mm

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G0006 150mm Stainless

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The manual vernier caliper is a precision tool used to measure internal and external distances extremely accurately. Measurements are interpreted from the scale by the user and the manual vernier caliper has both imperial and metric scale. Vernier calipers are rugged and have long lasting accuracy.

Vernier caliper

  1. Outside jaws: used to measure external length
  2. Inside jaws: used to measure internal length
  3. Depth probe: used to measure depth
  4. Main scale (cm)
  5. Main scale (inch)
  6. Vernier (cm)
  7. Vernier (inch)
  8. Retainer: used to block/release movable part

To insure that the vernier caliper is properly zeroed caution must be taken. Through misuse, it is most likely that the vernier caliper will not read zero when the jaws are perfectly closed, leading to zero errors. To correct this, a zero correction must be made. A correction may be either positive or negative. If the first mark on the auxiliary scale lies to the right of the main scale, then the reading is too large and the error is positive. Likewise, negative zero error occurs when the jaws of the vernier caliper are closed, the reading is a negative reading and the correction should be added from the measurement reading.

Stainless Steel Vernier Caliper 150x 0.02mm


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