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Vallorbe Reform Gravers Unique V shape sharp cut

The Tools Of The Trade:
Each graver is different and has its own use. Engravers use a hardened steel tool called a graver, to cut the design into the surface, most traditionally into metals Professional engravers engrave with resolution of up to 40 lines per cm in high grade work creating game scenes and scroll work. The graver produces a unique and recognizable quality of line that is characterized by its steady, deliberate appearance and clean edges. Gravers are made with particular shapes and sizes that yield different line types.

Sharpening a graver requires either a sharpening stone or wheel and an oil. Harder carbide and steel gravers require diamond-grade sharpening wheels; these gravers can be polished to a mirror finish using a ceramic or cast iron lap, which is essential in creating bright cuts. Graver sharpeners that secure the tool in place at certain angles and geometries are also available to take the guesswork from sharpening to produce accurate points. A variety of handles can be fitted to your graver dependent on what fits best comfortably in your hands.

Burnishers are used for texturing and smoothing effects. Burnishing tools can also be used for certain stone setting techniques.

Graver Shapes

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Graver Reform VallorbeGraver Reform VallorbeImage result for sharpening a graver

Extra accessories we sell for the perfect engraving and setters bench: Microscopes, silent compressorsGRS accessories & clampsgraversbeaders & engravers balls.

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