Utility Wax in Rods or Sheet


Sticks 127×4.75mm

Sheets 76x152x3.20mm

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Soft easy to shape red wax adheres to practically any surface. These can be smoothed and shaped by hand and with almost no heat!

Casting Wax Sheets are rolled to highly accurate thicknesses and are used by jewelry designers for a wide variety of applications. Always pliable at room temperature, they can be formed to any shape and are easily cut with a carving blades, knives or scissors. Drawing or tracings can be made directly on the sheets. All casting wax sheets are guaranteed to burn out cleanly from your mold.High grade translucent, flexible casting wax sheets used by designers for a variety of applications. Used for building in and filling in marred surfaces. Can also be used to fill sprue bases in casting.

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Available in:   Sticks 127×4.75mm               OR        Sheets        76x152x3.20mm

Blend of paraffin waxes, micro-crystalline waxes, natural beeswax and resins. The addition of resins enhances the carving properties of the wax making it suitable for contouring and characterisation of the denture base from try-in through to fit. Suitable for prosthetic laboratories with high workflow who may need to characterise their try-ins and require an all-round reliable modelling wax. It is easy to work without being greasy. When flamed yields a smooth surface.

Wax can be carved with steel carvers, blades, cut with wax spiral sawblades, carved by the use of burs in a high speed rotary tool or battery/ electronically heated tips .

Utility Wax in Rods or Sheet tools

We also sell a large range of other wax products like tubes, slices, wires, blocks, repair & sculpting wax & fillers, along with all the necessary carving forming cutting tools needed to get the job done , also an extensive range of casting equipmentconsumables like investment powderinjection waxes, waxes & carving tools.

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Utility Wax in Rods or Sheet