Sterling Silver Round Wire


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Sterling Silver Round Wire

SIZES     GRAM PER METER     ( priced per gram but only sold in meter lengths )     

0.3MM                 0.74G

0.5MM                 2.06G

0.65MM                 2.5G

0.7MM                 4.04G

0.8MM                 5.28G

1.0MM                 8.25G

1.2MM               11.88G

1.5MM               18.56G

2.0MM               33.00G

2.5MM               51.56G

3.0MM                74.25G

Prices subject to exchange & metal prices of the day.

To work out charge per meter take gram price  x by weight per meter e.g 0.7mm = 4.04 x R24.00= R96.90 per meter incl vat.

Some sizes are not standard stock and would take a few days to make up your order.


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