Bolt Ring Clasp Sterling Silver


AG – Bolt ring 5-8mm

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UOSTGUF601 AG 5.0mm Bolt Ring

WJP5205.5S AG 5.50mm Bolt Ring

WJP520L6W AG 6mm Bolt Ring

WJP5207S AG 7mm Bolt Ring

WJP5208S AG 8mm Bolt Ring

We stock an extensive range of crimpscrimp covers , thimbles, spacer beadsclaspsearring fittings for pearls, jump rings & headpins. Not only do specific findings help to protect your pearl silk or crimps but often add a little extra sparkle to finish off your design.  Gimp also forms part of our offering in silver or gold plated 0.8mm & 1mm.

*All silver findings are minimum order qty of 5 pieces of pairs for wholesale pricing. *


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