Soldering & Carving Station


S0315 200-480c

Thermostatic Electric iron 

Ideal for soldering on PC board, fine electronics or even basic wax carving ,sculpting and tree sprueing. Works well with plastic, perspex, wood and low melting point metals like tin ,aluminium pewter.

Product specifications:

Handle special lightweight, must not be used over extended periods.

Heating element made of advanced technology heat-resistant material.

200°C ~ 380°C temperature setting, temperature control is stable and accurate.

Note: general use should not exceed 380. If there is a need to use higher temperature, the use of a shorter period of time is recommended.

1.Temperature lock

  • Low temperature setting.
  • Lower with screwdriver under temperature switch clockwise to tighten lock screw until the temperature set.
  • Don’t use the soldering iron head outside of welding scope work.
  • Don’t get the electric welding machine wet, or the use of any liquid. Low smoke, when welding ensure good ventilation.

Content include

1 x Electric Soldering Irons(The manufacturer standard)

1 x tip

1 x stand


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