Easy Silver Solder Paste


S0174 Integrated Flux

Easy to perform intricate jobs. Sold in  + – 5 gram syringe. Melting point varies from 300 degrees Celsius defendant on type of heat used, surface area and amount of paste.

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Easy silver solder paste with added flux.Sold in  + – 5 gram syringe.

Advantages of Solder Paste

Using solder paste is similar to using any other kind of solder, but it is advantageous for getting into small spaces. It’s the best form of solder to use when soldering tiny elements, like jump rings, filigree or earring posts. It doesn’t work as well for soldering larger elements or tasks that require a lot of solder or heat. One of the greatest advantages of solder paste is that, unlike tiny pallions or bits of wire, it stays put and won’t blow away as soon as you turn on your torch.

Flow and Melt Points of Silver Solder Paste

Easy 65% silver Flow point 1325 ºF (718 ºC) Melt point 1240 ºF (671 ºC)
Medium 70% silver Flow Point 1360 ºF (738 ºC) Melt point 1275 ºF (690 ºC)
Hard 75% silver Flow Point 1450 ºF (788 ºC) Melt point 1365 ºF (740 ºC)


Caring For and Storing Solder Paste

Here are some tips for handling solder paste:

  • When you’re done soldering for the day, be sure to cover the tip of the solder paste needle (electrical tape works quite well), otherwise it will dry out.
  • If you’re not going to be using it for a long time, or moving your studio, it’s a good idea to unscrew the needle and put the white plastic cap back in. If you’re going to be using it again soon, you don’t have to unscrew the needle after every use.
  • When unscrewing the needle, make sure to clean it out with a piece of scrap wire and store it where you won’t lose it.
  • If one of your needles becomes clogged, soak it in warm water for a few minutes, and then clean it out with a piece of scrap wire.
  • If you have various tubes of solder paste, make sure they are all marked with the appropriate melting temperatures and metals, so you don’t confuse them.


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