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S0198 Various Solders Easy Med Hard

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Solder Blocks:

Select your various block Solders in Easy Med Hard ( weight may vary) of the drop down menu.

Silver content:

Easy                       65%

Medium                  65%

Hard                       74%

Melting points:

Easy 705 – 725ºC
Medium 720 – 760ºC
Hard 745 – 780ºC


  • Make sure both sides fit perfectly (flush) & that the surface area is large enough.
  • Remove the burr (that is filings and saw blade damage). Use some sandpaper.
  • Keep solder edges absolutely clean fat & grease free.
  • Make sure Flux & the Flux Brush are clean. Do not apply dirty flux to soldering area. Clean flux brush regularly.
  • Leave a slight gap between solder edges for solder flow.
  • Flux solder edges & place solder strategically.
  • Use correct amount of solder.
  • Set flame correctly & heat evenly. Distribute heat correctly (both sides of piece must reach flowing temperature of solder together).
  • Never concentrate flame on the joint only – Solder will only flow properly when heat distribution is correct.
  • Do not stretch solder further than it will or can go – it will cause overheating & destruction of the solder composition.
  • If solder does not flow or stops flowing – STOP! Clean and start again. Be very careful NOT to leave acid residue in the seam.



  • Preplacement: Small pieces of solder are placed at the joint seam prior to heating
  • Heat is then applied until the solder flows to the joint
  • Feeding: The fluxed joint is heated to temperature and tip of the solder wire is fed into the joint and should melt on contact


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