Soft Wax Strips 12×7.5x230mm


Strips 12×7.5x230mm 24 pieces per box

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Ideally used for sculpting- this works as filler for holes from injection mould porosity, or for the “glue” that makes the sprue tree stick to the sprue base and then can also be sculpted into any form by hand or carver. This doesnt work well with sawblades or high speed motor- as it becomes very sticky with too much speed & heat. Use the blue or green wax tubes, blocks or slices with rotary tools for best results.

Used for modelling for miniatures, sculptures, dental & jewellery trades.

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Soft Wax Strips 12x7.5x230mm

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Image result for castaldo injection wax ring imagesSoft Wax Strips 12x7.5x230mm

Soft Wax Strips 12x7.5x230mm

Soft Wax Strips 12x7.5x230mm tools