Round 2.80-0.26mm Tungsten


D0111 Tungsten Carbide 39 Hole Asia

D0219 Tungsten Carbide 39 Hole Italy

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Tungsten drawplates generally last a lot longer than normal HS steel , they polish the wire whilst drawing and the holes do not stretch over time.

Two options of draw plates:  Italian or Asia

Hold a drawplate  in a bench vice when drawing wire with drawtongs. We sell a larger selection of various shapes & size drawplates.  Or make life super easy and use a draw bench for fast & easy wire drawing.

TearDropDraw PlateRound 2.80-0.26mm Tungsten D0039-ARound 2.80-0.26mm Tungsten D0257-AAA

TIP: Use bur lubricant or Beeswax on your wire and drawplate for smooth wire drawing.



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