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R0097 Stretcher Reduction Bender

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Stretches and Reduces* Gold & Silver Bands Forms and Bends.

This value line combination ring stretcher, reducer and ring bending tool makes stretching plain wedding ring bands a snap. This upright ring stretcher features a 4-spline graduated but unmarked stretching mandrel that expands on the upstroke of the handle for stretching non-ferrous metal, non-stone set plain wedding bands from a smallest size up to the largest size.  This combination tool also includes a built in ring bending jig with a single flat die for forming and shaping ring stock into bands.  Requires occasional greasing at the two grease points on the body of the stretcher. The base has four mounting holes for securing the ring stretcher to a bench or worktable.  Mounting hardware not included.  There are no instructions included with this tool.  For non-ferrous metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium etc.) only, not for stretching and reducing steel bands. The reducing plates have ridge lines that will catch the edges of a band.  If you are looking primarily for a ring reducer, we do not recommend this product unless wish to spend a good deal of time and effort in removing the ridge lines. We recommended this too for ring stretching and bending only.


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