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W0046 patch eze repair wax

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50g Pink Undercut  -Repair thin sections, fill pin holes or cover flow lines. Ideally used for sculpting- this works as filler for holes from injection mould porosity. Extra soft pink wax in tin , always remains soft and pliable.

Repair waxes were developed to offer jewelers an easy, reliable means for wax pattern repair and build-up.

Red (extra soft): Paste-like wax is ideal for filling small imperfections

Wax can be carved with steel carvers, blades, cut with wax spiral sawblades, carved by the use of burs in a high speed rotary tool or battery/ electronically heated tips .

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We also sell a large range of other wax products like tubes, slices, wires, blocks, repair & sculpting wax & fillers, along with all the necessary carving forming cutting tools needed to get the job done , also an extensive range of casting equipmentconsumables like investment powderinjection waxes, waxes & carving tools.

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