Rectangular 4-14mm 6×4 14x12mm


S0208 – 17 Degree

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RECTANGLE 4-14mm 17deg

This Italian made Bezel block is a handy tool for making quick and easy bezel settings for faceted stones. Our Italian-made bezel blocks are made of specially hardened steel and supplied with a matched punch. Since punches can break under normal use, replacement punches are available under special order only. Anneal you metal before punching / hammering so get best flex out of your metal. Conical shaped collets fit well into a ring shank.

Image result for conical bezel blocksRectangular 4-14mm 6x4 14x12mm

Image result for conical ring settingsImage result for conical ring settings

We sell a large range of burs for setting, as well as an assortment of setting tools like burnishers graversrollers & pushersVices & clamps or engravers balls are also helpful when setting.


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