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Rectangular reduces 2.5mm to 0.5mm

Drawing Gold Wire. Another way of preparing gold or platinum for use in jewelry making is to draw the metal into wire. Precious metal wire is used to create prongs, filigree, and delicate designs. After pouring an ingot and rolling it into square rods on the rolling mill, you will form the metal into wire on a draw plate. The square rods of precious metal will be manually pulled through a series of tapered holes in a carbon steel plate. After each pass, the wire thins and has to be reheated and annealed to a cherry red to soften the metal so it can pass through the next gauge hole to further.

Hold a drawplate  in a bench vice when drawing wire with drawtongs. We sell a larger selection of various shapes & size drawplates.  Or make life super easy and use a draw bench for fast & easy wire drawing.

TearDropDraw PlateRectangular 2.50-0.50mm D0039-ARectangular 2.50-0.50mm D0257-AAA

TIP: Use bur lubricant or Beeswax on your wire and drawplate for smooth wire drawing.



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