PUK-D5 Dental Welder


The PUK D5 – developed for daily use in dental laboratories.

The micro pulse welding machine is compact and versatile in use, and is designed specially for applications and materials which are used in the dental field. Using this TIG welding device it is possible to apply welding in all everyday tasks that arise in a dental lab, which could otherwise only
be performed with a laser.


  • Superior welding characters
  • Consistently reproducible high-quality welding results with all materials suitable for welding
  • Simple and intuitive to operate
  • Precise positioning of the spot welds


  • Maintenance-free technology
  • Very low initial costs – excellent price/performance ratio
  • Mobile due to its compact size
  • Very low costs of consumer materials
  • Very low argon gas consumption


  • Spot welds with a diameter of approx. 0.2 up to 3 mm can be made (depending on the material and setting).
  • The right parameters are available for every dental application!


 Extremely short welding impulse times enable high-quality welded joints on workpieces down to a material  thickness well below 0.2 mm (e.g. for orthodontic constructions) as well as in heat-sensitive areas (e.g. near acrylic and ceramic parts).
  • Due to the broad performance range of the PUK D5, it is also possible to produce stable welding connections on very solid parts such as bridges, bars or cast partial dentures.


  • As soon as the tip of the electrode on the welding handpiece touches the workpiece, the welding process starts automatically. An arc is lit precisely at this contact point under a protective atmosphere (argon), whereby the electrode is automatically drawn back into the handpiece approx. 1 mm and lifted from the workpiece surface in this way.  This enables welding points to be set with the desired intensity – consistently and with continuous repeatability.
  • It is possible to weld all metals and alloys that are generally suitable for TIG welding or lasering. These include e.g. cobalt chromium alloys, high-gold, palladium-based and other alloy groups, as well as titanium and stainless steel.


  • Intuitive to operate
  • Thanks to intelligent pre-settings, only 2 operating steps are necessary. Select metal group and work situation > weld!

  • Precision handpiece for precision welds
  • Solid quality and the best materials such as stainless steel and teflon are prerequisites for precision in manufacturing and reliability in application
  • Handling the components: Sophisticated details simplify handling.

  • Premium plug connections
  • Professional screw and plug connections provide long service life and permanent safety in daily use.
  • Practical and fast: Plug-in nozzles and nuts allow you to quickly change electrodes without tools.
  •  Ergonomic work: Individually set work position and comfortable hand rests for fatigue-free work.
  • Special electrodes without poisonous components. With optimal ignition and welding properties
  • Premium craftsmanship in every detail
  • Dust-proof housing

The operating concept of the PUK D5 combines the advantages of a modern touchscreen with the tried-and-true operation via a single rotary controller. Thus the intuitive and safe setting of the device is guaranteed at all times.

Correctly set the device in just two steps:

  • 1. Select metal group

  • 2. Select welding situation > weld!

  • Setting of welding parameters with a single rotary controller
  • Power and welding time can be adjusted “blindly” according to individual need.
  • You can continue to concentrate on the workpiece.

Recommended setting range:

  • A blue bar indicates the setting range recommended by our technicians.

The “red” range:

  • The red lines on the display indicate that you are outside of the sensible time or power range for the metal and welding situation selected.


Informative help windows support the intuitive operation

  • If you touch a button on the display for a longer period of time (approximately 2 seconds), a help window pops up in which the basic functions of the button are explained.
  • Then touch the help window briefly to switch back to the operating menu.


Quality for your requirement: We place great value on the highest production and safety standards and guarantee the reliability of our products.

  • Quality “made in Germany”: The PUK welding devices are developed and produced in Germany.
  • Safety comes first: Our welder’s eye protection systems are DIN CERTCO-tested and approved.
  • Standard-oriented: Every PUK welding system is manufactured in accordance with existing EN standards and carries a “CE” certificate of conformity.

  • Optimized “settings” menu
  • Simplified menu navigation with one single rotary controller
  • (De-)activation of the expert menu with 16 different welding curves
  • (De-)activation of the program memory with 20 custom programs
  • (De-)activation of the retention welding mode
  • (De-)activation of the tack welding function
  • (De-)activation of the micro menu
  • The selection of basic functions such as lighting, welding sequence, choice of language or acoustic welding signal.
  • Opening the gas valve for adjusting the gas flow to the correct amount required

– the further development of a proven technology…

The patent-pending system for welding process monitoring
   · New software for contact monitoring of the hand piece
   · Prevention of welding errors through interruption of weld if excessive pressure is applied to the electrode
   · Increase in service life of electrode tip
   · Prevention of tungsten inclusions on sensitive surfaces or on workpieces and materials that still require further processing
   · Improvement in the overall weld quality through more uniform processing
   · Error prevention in the handling: Increase in process reliability and more consistent quality for larger quantities
   · Learning function: More rapid and simpler learning of correct welding procedure, especially for beginners

Faster progress to better results – “blind operation” with single-handed operation. Concentration remains focused on the workpiece.

Even higher-performance LED lighting in our new premium welding microscopes. More uniform illumination of the working area – more flexible use of the microscope. These microscopes can also be used as fully equipped workplace microscopes – not just for welding.

Setting of parameters for “Power”, “Time” and menu navigation with just one single rotary controller.

Individual device set-up using the settings menu, e.g. preselection of welding cycle, calling operating levels up on screen and hiding them again, e.g. program memory, expert level, retention welding and tack welding

Extremely simple touchscreen operation. Now with slide function!

Preselection of two different welding cycles


The application range of the PUK D5 is further expanded with material thickness down to less than 0.2 mm allowing the welding of wires and thin structures like orthodontic bands, for example, with even greater control.


A significantly faster welding cycle enables an even more continuous work flow. With this setting, there is an opportunity to shape the material added as desired and to significantly improve the welding characteristics for highly thermally conductive dental alloys.

The result of the development work enabled an improvement in the welding parameters with newly defined recommended adjustment ranges for all common dental alloys.


  • Simple time-saving and material-saving welding of retention tacks (Ø 1.2, 1.3, 1,5 and 2 mm), for repairs, enhancements or new items.
  • In a fraction of a second an extremely string connection is formed by means of a special adapter, without any heat development of any consequence in the work piece.
  • No re-welding and no re-working of the weld points or their surroundings are necessary. This enables model cast repairs or enhancements to be carried out significantly faster than with conventional techniques.


Using the foot switch can make work safer and easier when working on difficult work piece geometries.

  • Activate the foot switch by pressing it down for 3 seconds. The automatic function of the PUK is then deactivated.
  • The white symbol top right on the display signals that foot switch operation is activated.
  • Welding is then only triggered when you press the foot switch.

The tack welding mode – very simple and efficient method for fixing workpieces in order to subsequently weld or solder them. E.g. for a fixation weld of a cut bridge on the work model or in order to fasten wire and construction elements in place.

 Using this process, two metal parts are bonded together at their contact point using resistance welding.
  • The parts can be “stuck” together so that they can then be finally attached using PUK welding or so that they can then be soldered.
  • The tack welding function is particularly well suited to processing metals with low electrical conductivity, e.g. stainless steel or titanium.


Developped for for a long service life and continuous operation:

 Passively cooled
  • The PUK does not need a ventilator or ventilation slots.
  • Dust-tight housing
    The PUK features a closed, tight housing. Thus none of the metal, polishing or abrasive dusts generated in the dental lab can enter the device. Damage or device errors caused by unavoidable deposits are avoided.


Additional practical accessories such as the electrode grinding motor, different contacting tools and others are available to meet your individual needs.


Crown margin

Crown hole

Broken clasp

Track Welding

1/16 Bridge

14/16 Rention 2

8/16 Ortho Adams clasp