Presidium Diamond Gem Gauge


The Leveridge gauge is one of the most sophisticated gauges for measuring the processed diamond.

It is very sensitive and should not be left lying around the workshop.

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Gauge Diamonds A Must For Measurement Of GEMSTONES. Speed up your diamond and weight estimating with the latest product from PRESIDIUM. The easy-to-read millimetre and carats scale eliminate eye fatigue to minimize human error. Even a small miscalculation can be costly when dealing in highly priced goods. The PRESIDIUM DIAL GAUGE measures from 0.0 to 23.0 mm in 0.1mm / divisions. One revolution equals 10 mm. Longer Lasting Gauge Accuracy: The hardened anvils resist wear and maintain accuracy for much longer periods. Only the PRESIDIUM DIAL GAUGE incorporates the latest state-of-the-art patented non-metallic lubrication free rack and pinion technology. Instrumental Error +0.05 mm. Zeroing a simple realignment is all thats required.

Remember when taking measurements always reference from from two different sides.



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