Precision Pneumatic Engraver Enset Compact


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Precision Pneumatic Engraver:

ENSET SYSTEM compact (1 Port)

Pneumatic engraving system

For engravers, jewellers, stone setters and hobbyist.

  • A single output for connecting the handpiece.
  • Operating gravers, beading tools, hammer tips, chisels and millgrain tools.
  • Working from a single hit to an adjustable frequency from 60 to 1500 hits/min.
  • Minimal air use while working: 0.02 l/min at max 3 bar.
  • Offering power and control thanks to its large adjustment capacity.
  • Ensetc foot pedal offers precise control on air pulses per minute, while cutting.
  • Desktop unit controls the rest of the parameters, adjusting pressure and power.
  • Protection against fluids, such as water or oil contamination.

Includes :

Desktop Control Unit with single port

Foot Control

Multi-Voltage Power Adaptor

Quick Change Connectors



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