PoliLuster Sticks 4mm


P0134 Stick without inserts.

P0135 in 400 600 or 1200 grits measuring 102 x 4mm

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Poliluster Sticks – 4.0mm Kit

Poliluster sticks are thin ceramic flat sticks that are used for finishing and polishing hard to reach areas. Use them by hand with a micro polishing and micro filing handpiece. Available in a variety of grits from 400 to 1200, these color-coded flat sticks are only 0.5mm thick, giving you a polishing tool that will reach into corners and other hard to reach areas quickly and effectively. Poliluster sticks come in 4.0mm width and 102mm long by 0.50mm thick. Simply snap off a small portion of each stick that can be clamped onto the Poliluster hand holder.

Poliluster Hand sticks are sold separately. Hand sticks are adjustable to hold smaller pieces of sticks.

  • P0133-400 Grit Orange
  • P0133-600 Grit Black
  • P0133-1200 Grit Pink

We sell a variety of other useful ceramic abrasives from vallorbe that work in flexshaft handpieces or Holders, also 3M abrasivesMatador sandpapers & Japanese buff sticks.  TIP: Quality abrasives will always last longer. Using water on some paper will improve longevity too.

P0108-400-600P0134-AWetorDry 3M Abrasive ClothsWater PaperE0049-GRIT


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Poliluster Stick
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