PoliLuster Pencil Set


P0132 Pencil holder

P0133 0.90mm Ceramic points


PoliLuster Pencil Set South Africa

Poliluster pencil a is a most useful utility tool. Select the thin ceramic sharp point with a grit of 800 or 1200 in 0.90mm diameter.

Used for finishing and polishing in the most hard to reach areas.

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We sell a variety of other useful ceramic abrasives from vallorbe that work in flexshaft handpieces or Holders, also 3M abrasives, Matador sandpapers & Japanese buff sticks.  TIP: Quality abrasives will always last longer. Using water on some paper will improve longevity.

P0108-400-600P0134-AWetorDry 3M Abrasive ClothsWater PaperE0049-GRIT


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