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Outstanding wax properties. Shelf life means original models can be stored and accessed much later while wax qualities are preserved. Flexibility is high while offering the durability of plastic type properties meaning the wax can be filed and modified without cracking or breaking under stress. Sold in 2 kilo packs.

Castaldo Plast-O-Wax jewelry injection wax produces patterns that are very flexible, resilient and durable with great memory. Patterns bend, flex and twist under pressure.  Patterns will not break despite rough handling. Fewer broken patterns = greater productivity.

Plast-O-Wax combines the excellent flow and fill characteristics of wax and the stability of plastic.

Plast-O-Wax is easy to work with and easy to inject. Using wax tools and files is easy and unlike plastic-only pattern materials, it can easily be steam de-waxed.

Plast-O-Wax jewelry injection wax releases easily from any type of mold to produce patterns with smooth glossy surfaces, crisp detail and minimal shrinkage. Injects at 68-71˚ C. available in 2 kg. convenience bags.

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Injection wax Castaldo PlastOWax

We sell an extensive range of casting equipment, consumables like investment powder, waxes & carving tools.

Quality Injection waxes will make sure your item injects perfectly crisp & smooth, Varieties in melting point, shrinkage & detail are part of our range. Mould spray will also assist in getting the waxes out of your mould easily. The injection wax burns out in the invested flask & evaporates completely. Thus referring to “lost wax casting”.