Plastic Sander Moores 22mm


  • Please note Medium grit diameter is 3/4″ or 19mm.
  • Supplier has been out of production indefinitely.
  • We supply 3/4″ until further notice (purple colour)
  • Our webpage will be amended as soon as we re-stock 7/8″
  • Thank you for your understanding.
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Sander Moores Plastic Brass Centre Snap 0n/off 22mm Adalox (Al.Oxide) Coarse Medium & Fine. Ideal for quick easy sanding on curved uneven surfaces.

Price per box approx 50 pieces

We also sell HSS drill bits , a wide variety of other shaped burssilicon mounted abrasives & bristle brushes for in your rotary motor. Even handy storage for them! Quality brands like Edenta, Eve, Vallorbe, Foredom, Komet & many more!

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