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The piercing saw or jewellers saw is a small and fretsaw styled saw that has fine blades. Capable of cutting wood and plastic they are mainly used on metal. The frame adjusts to extend the life of broken blades. The blade is clamped into the saw frame with the teeth facing towards the handle so that the saw cuts when it is pulled, not like a conventional saw that cuts when it is pushed. It’s used by jewellers, also has uses in model making and any metalworking that requires fine detail and control.

Piercing Gold and Platinum. Another way to shape precious metal after it is formed is to pierce it. After drilling fine holes into the material, a fine jeweller’s saw can be threaded through the holes in order to trim away areas and leave behind the desired shape.


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Best used with Super Pike saw blades.

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TIP: Apply lubricant to the backside of your blade and begin to saw! For the lubricant, you can use beeswax  or bur life. It’s easy to apply by just running the back of the blade along through the lubricant – apply to the back only so you don’t gum up the teeth.


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