Pickle Salts


P0112 500g

Sold per 500g.  500ml hot water – 1 teaspoon powder. ( Add the powder to water and not the other way around. )

In jewellery terms pickling refers to the process of removing oxidized surfaces & flux from metal after soldering. What is pickling solution made from? It is an acid compound usually made using a specialized pickling powder with water. So if you use heat & metal, it is essential that you set up a pickle pot or glass jar. After you have mixed solution leave your soldered item in the warm water ( pickle can be used cold but is not as effective). Once your jewellery has been cleaned sufficiently ( generally starts looking white or grey) , remove from the pickle solution with a copper or brass tweezer  and rinse under running water. (We find that a toothbrush is extremely effective for removing any traces of residue and ensuring a really clean, bright surface).

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Care must always be taken when conducting acid pickling procedures, but storage and disposal are equally as important especially if you have small children or pets.

Always store acidic compounds in a clearly marked container.  Then heating a pickle solution ensure the mixture doesn’t boil.

Take fire precautions. Keep pickling acid away from skin and eyes.

Dispose of used safety pickle correctly. (Neutralise with bicarbonate of soda first, but check local regulations first)

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