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1. Use a standard thermal tester to identify that a gemstone tests as a diamond.
2. Turn “on” Tester Model 590.

3. Place table of gemstone perpendicular against the fiber optic probe and maintain contact. Move larger stones against the fiber optic probe as if you were drawing on the table of the stone with the probe covering the entire surface. If stones are mounted, be sure the probe does not touch the gold setting.
4. If the gemstone in question is diamond, an alarm will sound and a green light will illuminate. If the gemstone in question is lab-created moissanite, the alarm will remain silent, light off.

Principle of Operation:

The Tester Model 590 distinguishes between diamond and lab-created moissanite by testing for the absorption of ultraviolet light only after using a standard thermal diamond probe.
Diamond will transmit the UV light while lab-created moissanite will strongly absorb at these wavelengths. This property will not change with the continued development of the stone.
Exclusive Features:

100% accurate in identifying near colorless lab-created moissanite gemstones.
Created by the only company that has access to the full-range of lab-created moissanite gemstones.
C3 also holds U.S. patents for product and method of lab-created moissanite gemstone production.


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