Model YT Medium 17.0mm no hangar


Hands – free on MOQ +100 units. Hangar optional extra.

Overall shaft length 17.0mm

Thread length 6mm

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Model YT Medium:

Model YT V.Short. Shaft Length accommodates 6mm dial thickness. No Hanger.

Please specify hanger if you require optional extra Ref. YTH1.

Hands- charged separately  – hour, minute set & second hand, please choose from the hands pdf chart and specify this choice with your order.

Retail price 1-9 Units

Wholesale price  10 units or more

Quantity discount structure

+ 25 units less 12.5%

+ 50 units less 15%

+ 100 units less 20%

Weight .036 kg
Dimensions .56 x 0.56 x 0.16 cm


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