Model H Short 14.5mm with hangar


Total Shaft length 14.5mm

Thread length 3mm

Hands – free on MOQ +100 units

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Model H Short:
Hands- charged separately  – hour, minute set & second hand, please choose from the hands pdf chart and specify this choice with your order.

Model H with built-in hanger total thread shaft measures 13mm accommodates 3mm dial thickness. Please choose from the hands pdf chart and specify this choice with your order. Please specify if you do not want the hangar, by default you will be supplied with hangar model. Prices are subject to change for non wholesale customers and remain at the discretion of management.

Retail price 1-9 Units

Wholesale price 10 units or more

Quantity discount structure

+ 25 units less 12.5%

+ 50 units less 15%

+ 100 units less 20%

Weight .32 kg
Dimensions 0.56 x 0.56 x 0.16 cm


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