Mizar Diamond Moissanite Tester


D0110 Combination Multi Tester

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Mizar Diamond Moissanite Tester:

  • Buy cut diamonds with confidence, with our 2 Year Diamond Tester warranty.
  • 100% Accuracy when testing moissanite vs diamond
  • Tests for diamond and all known simulants, including Moissanite
  • Quick 5 second start up time, 1.5 second tests, and 1 second recovery between tests
  • Three minute shut off alarm saves batteries
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty * freight to factory not covered *
  • For rough diamonds you must be in possession of a permit issued by the regulator
  • Operates on 9-Volt batteries – Always best to use the highest quality battery on the market, like Duracell or Energizer.




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