Miter Vice


V0037 – 45 60 & 90 DEGREE

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Miter Vice:

Cut 45° and 90° angles in sheet (up to 27mm wide), wire or tubing accurately. Lock the cutting vise into position saw along the edge of the jig and then file along the cut–perfectly flat cuts and clean, sharp angles for joints.
• Made of precision machined steel.
• V-groove self-centers round wire or tubing for accuracy.
• Metal pin acts as a stop to allow consistent length from cut to cut.
• Can be hand-held or secured in a vise.

Forca RTGS-467 Jewelry Miter Joint Cutting Tubing Jig Saw Vise - Perfect Geometrical Shape Cutter 45 / 90 & 135 Degree Angle ToolImage result for jewellery tube cutter

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