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Metal detectors with superior metal discrimination.

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Metal Detector:

A metal detector is great for finding buried objects like for coins, jewellery, personal items and small to medium size relics – all the common finds, which can be recovered at the sites of homesteads, parks, fields, etc. But typically, the object must be within 40 centimetres of the surface for the detector to find it. Package includes waterproof coil for use under water as well as a sniffer attachment allowing deeper depths.

With the Metal Detector, specifically developed for gold nuggets, coins and other small metals, you will easily detect targets at depths that other gold metal detectors cannot reach. The Metal Detector not only finds shallow gold nuggets, coins and other metals detectable by other metal detectors, but it also does not miss smaller metals at incredible depths that other metal detectors cannot reach.

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This unit operates at 19kHz with superior metal discrimination. It informs the user about the metal type by using different audio tones and lights (LEDs) in different colours. With the help of simple and reliable discrimination, you will be able to see the type of metal detected without having to follow complex numbers or data.

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Hobbyist metal detecting is a fascinating world with several sub-groups. Here are some of the more popular activities:

  • Coin shooting – looking for coins after a major event, such as a football game or concert, or just searching for old coins in general
  • Prospecting – searching for valuable metals, such as gold nuggets
  • Relic hunting – searching for items of historical value
  • Treasure hunting – researching and trying to find caches of gold, silver or anything else rumored to have been hidden somewhere

Nokta Engineering, the manufacturers of gold metal detectors are constantly tuning the process to make their products more accurate, more sensitive and more versatile.

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