Magnifying Glass 60mm Lens


S0134 Magnifying glass with clamps – Table top

Magnifying glass with clamps – Table top

When purchasing a magnifying glass, you need to think about why do you need it. The reason for this is because there are several kinds of magnifying glasses that we offer at Cape Watchmakers and a few styles are more suited for some purposes as compared to others. Thus we will make sure that you purchase the perfect magnifying lens.

magnifying glass

This magnifying glass has a solid heavy duty cast iron base, great for soldering and working with small items. A Convenient tool for electricians, engineers and jewellers, it comes with 60mm glass lens magnifier and 2 alligator clips mounted on 4 way swivels.

The Helping Hands/ magnifying glass is a huge plus when trying to hold something small like jewellery and when doing fine soldering work.




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