Colour Guard Tool Dip


L0038 ID and Protect Work Surfaces

Protects work surfaces against marring/damage caused as a result of using pliers while bending shaping, drilling sanding, coat inside jaws of vices. Also colour codes tools or valves, cushions against noise, weather proofs, insulates wire. Resists most acids. Use on all material from metal, canvas wood plastic glass fibreglass. 429ml.  Loctite brand.  Can even be used on jewellery for a colour effect.

Top Tip:
Do you find when bending your wire or plate you damage it? By using masking tape over the mouth of your pliers, or thin leather on your ring bending plier will help protect your metal! Dip any plier mouth into this dip for protection or handle to colour code your shapes or style of plier , file or buffsitck. 

Image result for loctite tool guardDIPImage result for tool magic dipUse Plasti Dip to create bold color blocked jewelryIf you're not familiar with Plasti-Dip, it's a type of rubberized paint that coats and protects whatever object it's used on. It's a tremendously fun product to mess around with, and a great way to customize and decorate ordinary items. If you are looking to boost your decor this holiday, pick up a can at the hardware store and go to town.dip II

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