Linde A Abrasive per kilogram


A0079 For Gem Polishing per Kg

Linde A Abrasive:  A0079 For Gem Polishing sold per Kg

Intended for use with hand buffs, brushes, felt and wood laps. Can be mixed with water or fine oil to form a paste that will impart a high lustre. Used with precious gems, gold, silver and other metals.

This is our best and purest grade of Aluminium Oxide. The uniform size and shape of the particles make this an excellent polishing compound for faceting. Mix with water to form a slurry.

A superb polishing agent for natural gems such as andalusite, apatite, beryl, feldspar, fluorite, garnets, opal, peridot, quartz, spinel, topaz, tourmaline and zircon

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