Jump Ring Opening Tool


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Open and close jump rings with ease and free up a hand! Instructions For Use:

  • Step One: While wearing the ring, grasp the side of your jump ring with flat or chain nose pliers.
  • Step Two: Slip the bottom of the jump ring in to the slot which offers the best fit.
  • Step Three: Gently twist the jump ring sideways with the pliers to open it. Attach the jump ring where needed, then twist it shut.We stock an extensive range of crimpscrimp covers , thimbles, spacer beadsclaspsearring fittings for pearls, jump rings & headpins. Not only do specific findings help to protect your pearl silk or crimps but often add a little extra sparkle to finish off your design.  Gimp also forms part of our offering in silver or gold plated 0.8mm & 1mm.
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