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Jool Tool by Annie:

The price quoted includes the machine unit. Accessories are bought in kits that determine the scope of work undertaken. Kits will be quoted separately. Various uses include glass and stone polishing, grinding metal, polishing metals bevelling edging. Please call for more information.

Various specially designed kits include the JoolTool X sharpening and polishing system plus everything you need for grinding, shaping and polishing stones, sharpening carbide steel tools and for grinding, texturing and polishing almost any material, including platinum, gold, silver, brass, copper, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, tungsten, titanium and exotic alloys.The innovative JoolTool™ X sharpening and polishing system is ideal for fine jewellery, woodworking, automotive and more. Unlike most sharpening and polishing systems, you can work from the underside of your workpiece, and have a clear view the entire time, due to the innovative and exclusive See-Thru Design™ of the Ninja Discs™ made for this system. The vortex design keeps your piece cool, and an attachment is available to attach the system to a vacuum.
• Ideal for tasks from rough-cutting minerals to final polish (up to 9.5 on Mohs hardness scale!).
• Repair and polish sapphire and glass watch crystals.
• Sharpen and polish any type of carbide tool.
• Work on any metal jewellery, including cleaning up raw castings and polishing chains, bracelets, pendants, and more.
• Repair and polish glass jewelry.
• 1/20 hp, 500–5,000rpm.

Other Kit Options  :

• JoolTool™ sharpening and polishing system, 110-220 volts, 5 amps, 40 watts.
• BONUS! Angle-Master™ tool rest accessory (offers precise, pre-set angles for maintaining exact angles and for quickly and accurately sharpening chisels, drill bits and other tools; makes a convenient hand-rest, too).
• 21 SEE-THRU™ hard backup pads
• 15 3M Bumpon™ cushions.
• 3M Flex diamond stone-grinding abrasive.
• 3M Diamond micro-finishing abrasives; grades 74-, 45-, 30- and 20-micron.
• 3M Diamond polishing abrasives; 3,000-grit, 8,000-grit, and 50,000-grit.
• 3M cerium oxide abrasive; 100,000-grit.
• 3M Purple Ceramic™ abrasives (2 of each grit); 80-, 120- and 220-grit.
• Scotch-Brite™ EXL scratch eraser wheels; medium, fine and very-fine grades.
• Two SEE-THRU™ felt discs.
• 3M Trizact™ abrasives (2 of each); 35-micron, 20-micron, 10-micron, and 5-micron
• JoolTool polishing compound.
• 3M 3″ radial bristle discs; yellow (80-grit), white (120-grit), maroon (220-grit), blue (400-grit), beige (6-micron) and green (1-micron).
• Pearl Vise by Anie
• 3M Vetrap™ protective finger wrap.


Jool Tool by Annie

Mount these Cushion Pads onto the 3 inch Backpads for a smoother grind & a refined polish. Recommended for fine grade abrasives such as 220 grit and finer. Their flexibility helps sand and polish contours of rounded and domed workpieces and gives them a shock-absorption effect as well.

Simply stick them onto the Backpad before applying an Abrasive. They come in 3 flexibility options: Bumpon, Medium-Flex and Soft-Flex.

Pattented See-Thru™ discs are an essential part of your JOOLTOOL experience. We recommend having every abrasive mounted on its own Backpad. Depending on the type of abrasive, these discs allow you to sharpen, grind or polish with a crisp & clear view of the work piece. The Backpdas have 2 faces: TOP: Molded fin structure that directs airflow onto the workpiece, keeping it cool. BOTTOM: Perfectly trued, flat surface onto which our 3M Abrasives adhere.

Available in 3 inch and 4 inch diameters in the following packs: 1-pc, 3-pc and 9-pc.

Setup: Simply apply Abrasives onto the Backpads with their sticky side toward the flat side of the disc. To install on the JOOLTOOL™ system, simply twist the discs securely onto the spindle.

Cushion Softness Grades

– The 3M Bumpon (Black color) cushions are great for working on lapidary with Diamond Abrasivesor sharpening rounded edges on tools with Trizact abrasives.

– Use the Medium-Flex (White color) when working on domed/rounded Polymer Clay, Ice Resin, Amber, and other soft materials. We recommend these abrasives: Microfinishing Film, Polishing Film and WetOrDry Polishing Abrasives.

– Use the Soft-Flex cushions (White color) when working on very soft and very rounded pieces made with Polymer Clay, Ice Resin, Amber, or other soft materials. We also recommend these abrasives: Microfinishing Film, Polishing Film and WetOrDry Polishing Abrasives.

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